I Love You Just The Way You Are

Almost every couple will say that to each other

But I’m not very sure they actually mean it

You see … The way you are, it consists of many sides

The good & the bad

The angel & the devil

The smart & the fool


I except you just the way you are, you said …

But why you’re mad when she act silly ?

Why you’re mad when he’s being flirty with some cute girl ?

Why you tell her to stand still when you know she love to dance

Why you ask him to mingle when you know he hates the crowd


Love, love is such a huge word

Yet you dare to say it out loud before you said

‘the way you are’


I love you just the way you are

Then why you constantly find something for your partner to change in them ?

Why you ask her to be quiet when you know she is loud and that’s what made her

Why you ask him to keep his job when you know he hates to be told what to do


When are you going to embrace the authenticity of your partner and be proud about it ?

When are you going to support your partner to be who they are and show it to the world ?

When are you going to be actually on the same side with your partner ?


If you love them just the way they are

Then you have to be thankful with everything that made them who they are today

Their parents and family who raise them, who taught them such integrity that they have today

Their best friends who keep them in a supportive environment

Their exes who inspire them to treat their partner gently

Be thankful to those who had been in their life

Do not be jealous …  Do not be afraid …

For the past is in the past and today they are with you


You got to love the hometown where your partner grew up

The weather that keep their skin the way you love today

You got to love the books they read

The words inside their minds that comes out beautifully towards you


The silly things they do when they are alone

The nasty sounds they made when they are in the bathroom

The emotional outburst that mostly will made you suffer

But that is who they are, and how they release the stress

When you love them, you be that stress relieve they need


When you except your partner just the way they are

Do not ask them to change…

Be the first who change for the better

If you are meant to be with each other,

They will move forward and grow in chorus with you …


Be thankful for who they are …

The best & the worst

Then trust me,

You will find that you are blessed with a partner who have the most unique and amazing personality in the whole world .




Jarak memberikan ruang

untuk aku kembali pada kesejatianku.

Bagaimana harus ku ungkapkan,



Karena satu hari, adalah sejuta.

Dalam satu rindu, ada sejuta.


Hari itu aku ingat.

Setiap alasan yang membuatku tetap.

Lalu tatapan yang tidak tergantikan.

Pada suatu apapun.

Aku ingat, mengapa sangat yakin sebelum aku ragu.


Maka, Ku mohon segera.

Sebut suatu tanggal, tempat, atau warna.

Apapun jawabanku masih..

YA dan yakin


Sebelum aku ragu.


Bagaimanapun aku berteriak

Membawa gemuruh angin dari jauh

Tidak asaku menyela

sedikitpun tempat di hatimu


Walau engkau mengaku

Di telapak aku merayu

Namun apalah…

Aku hanya akan mengalum


Dari terbit surya mendayu

Lalu ombak hingga ke tepi

Engkau tetap tidak terusik

Kala asa menjadi buih


Buih – buih yang hilang

Di antara laut yang tenang

Ketika kau melangkah kembali