Dini 2.0






My first hijab day !!!

i know it’s not exactly the way hijab suppose to look like, i still don’t know what to do with my headscarf, i have no long sleeves tops. I just realise that i never ever wore covering outfit, my drawers are full of mini skirts, crop tops, slits, i used to show so much skin and really really proud of what my momma gave me through my body. well, everyday is a learning process and i just hope that i will be able to fulfill GOD’s criteria of an ideal women. if i look back to what kind of women i use to be, i just feel like saying istighfar over and over again… let’s not judge me by my headscarf, because I’m way so far from perfect but i never stop wishing to inspire people from my experience and stories even from the negatives for you not to repeat or try 😛 i hope this will be a beginning to a life changing journey and may GOD bless every step we take and keep us in HIS path.. Amin…



2 thoughts on “Dini 2.0

  1. Just want to say I think your hijab looks beautiful! I started wearing the hijab a year and a half ago and I also realized then that I had no long sleeves; believe me, over time you will build a wardrobe with all the essentials. Much love to you sister!

    1. Much love to you too dear, Alhamdulillah… i feel really comfortable with my Hijab. Starting to collect long sleeves, skirts and pants in many different colours :p your support means a lot to me, thank you sister!

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