Sunday at Kedai Teko, Bandung

1420885038028 1420885074395 142088501542414208850765211420885025067Have a really wonderful Sunday !!!

Finally i get to meet my girls, my crazy high school bestie. Well not all of them able to come, but it’s more than enough to make my Sunday a blast!!

When i look for a place to meet with friend i always consider the factors of places that have a nice spot to take picture but also worthy in terms of spending. We found a small place called Kedai Teko, it has a really nice vibe, warm and cozy. With all the green stuff like trees ( i love trees) grass, its an outside place (i love when places are friendly with sunlight) it doesn’t cost me a lot of money but still they serve delicious meals and pleasant services. We order at least 3 portions of Bitterballen it just taste so good, 2 Poffertjes, Chi Tea (mixture of tea, cinnamon & cardamon) and Juices.

Curious already??

Find them at Jl. Neglasari No. 4 Cimbuleuit, Bandung open from 10.00 – 22.00

As for my outfit, i wore a self made dress that have slits in its two side to show a silhouette of my colourful cotton pants. i add the belt as accessory and to make an impression of a smaller waist (which i don’t really have) and of course a pink headscarf just because i feel very blushing today. Really, i actually do brought a wedges with me but i just really caught up with all the jokes and all the laughs with my friends i really forgot to put them on in my first picture and then i just go ‘whatever!’

I would really go back there for one fine afternoon just to relaxing or to finish my homework or just to meet up for a chill conversation with friends πŸ™‚