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1st Pengajian with Hijabers Community Bandung

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My first pengajian with Hijabers Community Bandung

Alhamdulillah, i found new friends who share common interest on Hijab and learned new things about Islam. that day, they told me to wear Hijab Syar’i and really i thought i do just good, because you see i thought my scarf was covering my chest enough. But when i got there, wow… i learned that everyone wore so much longer headscarf than i did. I feel embarrassed. But anyway, i’ll never understand if i wouldn’t have come, a bit misunderstanding with the dress code but they welcome me just fine, probably they understand I’m a total newbie :)) Definitely going to learn more about Hijab Syar’i and may GOD give me strenght to apply them one day.

On the other hand, the Khutbah was about how we do everything in the name of GOD. How our problems will be a lot more bearable when we surrender ourselves to GOD. Well… the topic is kinda suitable for what i been through lately, a lot had happen in 2014, just when i thought things goes the way i planned it, it seems to fall out of places. I argue a lot with my parents about their divorce agreements which i thought i wouldn’t but infact i did, it affect me like a child yet i thought I’m too old to be bothered by that kind of stuff. Somehow it stresses me out, i quit my job, i felt like i can’t handle the pressure of anyone or anything in this world. I cried a lot. But then, when i found no answers to all of my doubts, i remember i have GOD. So i turned to HIM and here i am, still struggling but it’s true, it is become a lot more bearable. i take a leap of faith, i believe GOD will save me, cure me and be with me. I put on my headscarf and believe that everyday will lead me to somewhere bigger than i ever dream. Bismillah…

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My first hijab day !!!

i know it’s not exactly the way hijab suppose to look like, i still don’t know what to do with my headscarf, i have no long sleeves tops. I just realise that i never ever wore covering outfit, my drawers are full of mini skirts, crop tops, slits, i used to show so much skin and really really proud of what my momma gave me through my body. well, everyday is a learning process and i just hope that i will be able to fulfill GOD’s criteria of an ideal women. if i look back to what kind of women i use to be, i just feel like saying istighfar over and over again… let’s not judge me by my headscarf, because I’m way so far from perfect but i never stop wishing to inspire people from my experience and stories even from the negatives for you not to repeat or try 😛 i hope this will be a beginning to a life changing journey and may GOD bless every step we take and keep us in HIS path.. Amin…